Making the Greens even greener with a vibrant T shirt range

When you have followers as loyal and motivated as Green Party supporters, it’s important to give even a basic T-shirt some extra aroha.

Seabreeze has supplied the Green Party with NZ-made T shirts for many years. The 2021 range was especially ambitious, with a request for two tones of vibrant green, to give their ‘art print’ tee and basic logo tee real impact. Seabreeze custom-dyed a run of our NZ-made, 100% cotton T-shirts, added a bespoke neck label, and worked collaboratively with the Greens’ design team on the print colours to really make things ‘pop’. The range is incredibly popular with their campaigners and supporters, with the art-print version selling out before we had even finished printing them.

"I really enjoy the flexibility and can-do attitude that Seabreeze continually brings. Our 2021 range of Green Party T shirts are literally the greenest yet, it’s the little touches that really make the difference and Seabreeze never sacrifice quality or attention to detail."

Bryce Groves
Green Party designer

A simple branded T-shirt is typically a custom print job, but this range  is a great example of how a unique garment can be made without costing the earth.

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