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We’re Seabreeze, one of New Zealand’s most trusted printers and manufacturers of apparel. We’re a proudly local, ethically-driven business who are committed to delivering high quality work for our clients.

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Experience that never stands still

We’re proud of the experienced and skilled team we’ve built at Seabreeze. Between us, we have a vast amount of knowledge that gets put to use every day as master apparel makers and printers. But we never stop evolving, either. Whether it is advanced CAD or printing technologies, better sustainability practices, or new skills for our team members, we are constantly looking for ways to do even more for our clients and our industry.

Trusted nationwide

Businesses all around New Zealand trust us as their production partner, knowing we understand their world and put them first with our superior quality and service.

Made here with skill and care

We’re hands-on makers, serious about craftsmanship and quality. We do all our own work and obsess over every detail.

Fashion to factory

We’re skilled in printing and manufacturing for all kinds of apparel, from high end fashion labels to hard wearing workwear.

Proudly part of our trade

From aspiring new designers to the old hands at the cutting table, we support and encourage the New Zealand apparel industry.

We’re master apparel makers and printers, obsessed with quality and care.

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"We value the craftsmanship and skill that goes into New Zealand-made products that have story, authenticity and integrity behind them.”

Malcolm Walkinshaw, Managing Director

Stories, news, and people

Take a closer look at Seabreeze with case studies of our work, profiles of our people and the latest news.

Championing sustainably-focused
fashion startups

It’s challenging to bring a genuine New-Zealand-made fashion product to market. We’ve seen businesses trying to do it for decades. We also know that for many new designers and fashion brands care deeply about working in the most sustainable way possible.

That’s why Seabreeze offers a unique service to emerging businesses, drawing on our team’s decades of experience, industry-honed skills and comprehensive in-house capabilities. We help source eco-friendly fabrics, develop low waste patterns and put innovative processes in place to manufacture in a more sustainable way.

We’re also part of Mindful Fashion, a collective of leading New Zealand designers, textile and trim suppliers, and manufacturers who believe in a future for the New Zealand clothing and textile industry that is inclusive, sustainable and successful.