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Leavers FAQs

Where are our Leavers Hoodies made?

We have both 100% NZ-made, as well as imported options. Our NZ-made hoods (Elite) are made right here in our factory (Silverdale, Auckland) and the imported stuff (Standard & Premium) comes from China & Honduras.

Do we only do Hoodies?

No. We can make heaps of other stuff, so if you want to mix it up and have a leavers tee, singlet or crewneck instead thats fine. Again because we manufacture here, we can pretty much do almost anything you want.

How much are our Leavers Hoodies?

See all our Hoody prices here. For prices other than hoodies you need to contact us, and tell us a bit more about what you want so we can give you a more accurate quote. We need to know things like how many you would want, style & design, colours, prints & any other design specs that we need to take into account.

How long do they take to make?

With our imported hoods (Standard & Premium), we can usually get these out to you within 2-3 weeks. However this does depend on whether our supplier has them in stock. If they do not, it can take significantly longer.

For our NZ made (Elite) hoods, it is best to allow 4-6 weeks from the date we receive your final order & artwork, to you recieving the finished garments. Because we make these ourselves and don't rely on someone else for the garments, we have a lot more control on this process.

How do you know your sizes?

For imported (standard & premium) hoods, we have measurements to help you work out your size. See the Premium Hoodies or Standard Hoodies  pages for size charts.

With the Elite hoods, as well as a size chart on the Elite Hoodies page, we also have the added benefit of some size samples here at the factory that we can send out to you to try on.

What's the difference between Standard, Premium & Elite?

There are a lot of differences between these three options and you can learn more about this by comparing the information on each options page. However, in a quick nutshell the key differences are: 

elite vs prem vs standard

Why should you choose us?

If you're not already convinced, here's 7 reasons why Seabreeze Apparel is by far your best choice for school leavers -

1. Experience: after almost 30 years of making clothes, we are experts on what works, what doesn't and how to get you the best for your buck

2. Reliability: We will not let you down. Again, after all our years in the bizzo we have this down to a fine art and we're pretty sure any of the schools we've done leavers gear for in the past will vouch for this.

3. Customisation: Not many other companies have the ability to COMPLETELY customise your leavers gear. Because we have our own factory and we make everything ourselves, from cutting the fabric to sewing and printing, we can make your gear awesomely unique.

4. Pay later: We don't expect you to pay us upfront and cross your fingers that all will be ok when delivery day comes. Payment is only required after you have seen the final goods and are happy with the result. We do however, suggest that you collect students' payments early on, and lodge them with the school office.

5. FREE NAMES included in ALL orders


7. FREE garment for YOU: Order 40-80 garments (offer excludes Elite) with us and we'll give you one free garment per school, and just quietly suggest you keep that one all for yourself. Order more than 80 and we'll give you TWO freebies (offer includes Elite)...then you can chuck one at your assistant or best mate too.

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