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ELITE hoodies (NZ made)

Everybody loves NZ-made right? Not only does it ease your social conscience by knowing that what you are buying is made by adults here in NZ...but our quality standards are often higher.

If you've decided to go down the NZ-made road with your leavers gear, we can offer you so much more in terms of quirky design and customisation. In order to add some personal difference, check out some of the things we can do below. If you don't want to customise your gear, and are after the ready made, cheapest option, see our Premium or Standard hoodies for details on imported hoods.

Our Elite pricing includes:

  QTY             Zip             Pullover
50 - 79        $95.00           $85.00
80 - 149      $90.00           $80.00
150 +          $85.00           $75.00

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colour swatch

Hoody Colours

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Cotton hood & pocket lining colours

colour swatch

Satin hood & pocket lining colours

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Elite Size Chart

If you want to compare the differences between Elite, Premium and Standard, have a look at the comparison chart in FAQs.


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